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How do you get concrete out of clothes?

My husband checks concrete at construction sites and comes home with concrete splatters dried on his clothes...very very messy! The soft stuff comes off but I end up throwing the clothes away before they wear out because I cannot get it out. Any suggestions?

It seems you have a problem that you need to get over, I'll explain.

I am a contractor by trade and sometimes I paint. Some of my clothes have paint on them and all the ladies would get angry at me for having paint on the clothes- they didn't complaint about the paycheck though!!

At a recent job the homeowner who was older lady was helpling paint her apartment - her 35 yr old daughter walked in and saw her mother with paint on her clothes and proceeded to complain that she looked just horrible and should be ashamed of herself for having paint on her clothes. The mother told her to put a sock in it and help out. Then she handed her daughter a paint brush told her where to start.

Anyway all I am saying is that if your husband is getting something on his clothes that won't wash out, then send him out the door with less than perfect clothes and love him when he brings home the bacon.


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